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Margo Maine, PhD, FAED, CEDS


The co-founder of the Maine & Weinstein Specialty Group LLC.  Dr. Maine is a clinical psychologist who has specialized in eating disorders and related issues for over 35 years. A Founder and Adviser of the National Eating Disorders Association and Founder and Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders, Dr. Maine is author of: Pursuing Perfection: Eating Disorders, Body Myths, and Women at Midlife and Beyond; Treatment of Eating Disorders: Bridging the Research- Practice Gap; Effective Clinical Practice in the Treatment of Eating Disorders; The Body Myth; Father Hunger; and Body Wars; and Senior Editor Emeritus of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention. She is currently writing  a book about women’s relationship with their hair, a neglected aspect of body image.  The 2007 recipient of The Lori Irving Award for Excellence in Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention, the 2014 recipient of the Don and Melissa Nielsen Lifetime Achievement Award  and the 2015 NEDA Lifetime Achievement Award, Maine is a  member of the Renfrew Foundation Conference Committee, and their Clinical Advisory Board, and the Walden Behavioral Care Clinical Advisory Board, Maine is a 2016 Honoree of the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame. She lectures nationally and internationally on eating disorders and maintains a private practice, Maine & Weinstein Specialty Group, in West Hartford, CT. She loves the earth and gets up early every day to celebrate it.