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Therapy Session
Therapy Session

Family Therapy

Family therapy is useful to help family members understand the complex issues that underlie eating disorders, to help promote recovery, and to deal with the emotional impact of this illness on the family. Especially with patients under the age of 18, family involvement is very important; with older patients, it is often useful as well. For adult patients, involvement of a significant other or family members is recommended as determined by the patient’s needs.

Diagnostic Assessment

Before initiating treatment, a diagnostic assessment is essential to determine the exact treatment needs and to assure that outpatient treatment will be sufficient. We suggest that patients see their primary care physician prior to this to rule out and/or treat any medical issues.  The diagnostic assessment is an interview, generally lasts 75 to 90 minutes in duration with the patient and family member as needed. Parental involvement is required for any patients under the age of 18.

Treatment Consultation

Due to the chronic and serious nature of eating disorders, patients and professionals sometimes feel “stuck” and need another perspective.  Clinical consultation is available to individuals involved in ongoing treatment, provided permission is granted to speak with current clinical providers. This type of consultation may require more than one session, to be determined by clinical need.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is the cornerstone of treatment for eating disorders to promote insight regarding the contributing stressors, to provide support and structure while patients try to change these behaviors, and to build new coping skills and a strong personal identity.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision by Dr. Maine or Dr. Weinstein is available to clinicians on an individual basis. This can be a single session or an ongoing series of meetings, pending the clinician’s needs and the availability of our staff.

Case Consultation Services

Consultation to schools, colleges, social service agencies, mental health or medical providers is available. This may focus on training staff to identify and treat eating disorders effectively, developing prevention and outreach programs, identifying high risk populations (such as athletes) and creating policies that are sensitive and responsive to people with eating disorders.

Practice/Business Consultations

Utilizing his health care focused business school training, Dr. Weinstein developed the business structure of the Maine & Weinstein Specialty Group, LLC. Dr. Weinstein provides consultation for professionals who are at all stages of practice development, from initial planning to the evaluation of ongoing procedures. His experience with both the clinical and business sides of practice can provide a unique and beneficial service to other professionals trying to survive in this complex health care arena.

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